Former Students


Year Name Thesis Title Supervisor
May 2017 - Oct. 2017 Gian Spescha Circulating Tumor Cell identification with Neural Networks

Athena Economides,

Guido Novati

Mar. 2017 - Oct. 2017 Yannick Huber Load Balancing in distributed Reinforcement Learning Guido Novati,
Panos Chatzidoukas
Feb. 2017 - Oct. 2017 David Bachmann Analysis and Visualization of a Hybrid Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Sid Verma
Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2017 Sabine Python Optimization of airfoil propulsion Sid Verma
Apr. 2017 - Aug. 2017 Kailin Huang The role of Fluid Mechanics in Zebrafish Regeneration Sid Verma
Mar. 2017 - Aug. 2017 Sacha Schönbächler Investigating the impact of the Red Blood Cell shape and deformability Athena Economides, Dmitry Alexeev,
Lucas Amoudruz
Feb. 2017 - Aug. 2017 GianAndrea Müller Numerical comparison of Vortex methods and Finite Volume methods Sid Verma
Feb. 2017 - Aug. 2017 Christof Perren Non-uniform Grids in Cubism-MPCF with Application to Turbulent Channel Flow Fabian Wermelinger
Feb. 2017 - Jul. 2017 Thomas Etterlin Evaluation and GPU parallelization of integration schemes for dissipative particle dynamics Sergey Litvinov
Feb. 2017 - Jul. 2017 Yannick Schaffner Automatic Differentiation Georgios Arampatzis, Panos Chatzidoukas
Feb. 2017 - Jul. 2017 Stefano Weidmann Minimization of tumor size: optimal parameter selection Georgios Arampatzis
Feb. 2017 - Jun. 2017 Hannes Zilly MRI analysis with LSTM networks Wonmin Byeon
Feb. 2017 - May 2017 Qin Wang Video Prediction with LSTM Networks Wonmin Byeon
Oct. 2016 - May 2017 Adrian Rüegger Engine Intake Optimisation of a Single Engine Turboprop Aircraft Jens Walther
Feb. 2016 - Nov. 2016 Lukas Köstler Bayesian Optimal Sensor Placement Costas Papadimitriou, Petros Koumoutsakos
Apr. 2016 - Oct. 2016 Philipp Wirth Multi-objective optimization of simulated burst-and-coast swimmers Petros Koumoutsakos, Sid Verma, Panos Chatzidoukas
Jan. 2016 - Sep. 2016 Adrian Rüegger Numerical prediction of flutter derivates for twin deck bridge sections Jens Walther
Jun. 2016 - Aug. 2016 Franziska Krummenacher Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design For Detecting Vortex Wakes Petros Koumoutsakos, Costas Papadimitriou,
Sid Verma
Feb. 2016 - Aug. 2016 Gaëtan Bezinge Numerical Simulation of Compressible Multicomponent Flow with Viscous and Surface-Tension Effects Ursula Rasthofer, Jonas Sukys, Fabian Wermelinger
Jan. 2016 - Aug. 2016 Daniel Wälchli Higher order proposal schemes for Transitional Markov Chain Monte Carlo Georgios Arampatzis
Feb. 2016 - Jun. 2016 Giulio Ferraris A comparative study between Mixed Effects Models and Hierarchical Bayesian Models with application to pharmacokinetics Georgios Arampatzis
Sep. 2015 - Jun. 2016 Nina Troppmair Learning Agents to Forage Collectively Petros Koumoutsakos
Sep. 2015 - Jan. 2016 Felix Thaler Adaptive MPI for Automatic Load-Balancing of GPU-Based High Performance Applications Diego Rossinelli, Panos Chatzidoukas
Sep. 2015 - Jan. 2016 Lucas Amoudruz Blood flow simulations in bifurcation artery using the dissipative particle method Diego Rossinelli, Sergey Litvinov
Jun. 2014 - Jan. 2016 Alessandro Forino Transport of Passive Tracers on Heterogeneous Architecture with OpenCL Christian Conti, Panos Chatzidoukas
Mar. 2015 - Mar. 2016 Jannic Veith Vortex Methods on Heterogenous Architectures Christian Conti
Apr. 2015 -
Dec. 2015
Gabriele Abbati Reinforcement learning for optimal motion of interacting swimmers Petros Koumoutsakos, Sid Verma
Apr. 2015 - Sep. 2015 Nicolaos Drosos Optimization of Granural Flow Problems Using CMA

Petros Koummoutsakos,

Panos Chatziidoukas,

Panos Angelikopoulos

Oct. 2014 - Sep. 2015 Simon Silvio Tödli Control of turbulent channel flow



Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 Martina Beer Stochastic diffusion for FRAP on a surface Gerardo Tauriello
Sep. 2014 - Aug. 2015 Xiao Xue Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation for a Red Blood Cell Petros Koumoutsakos, Dmitry Alexeev
Mar. 2014 - Jan. 2015 Fabian Wermelinger Shock-bubble cloud interaction on GPU clusters Babak Hejazialhosseini
Mar. - Dec. 2014 Dario Biasini Learning to Forage: Wolfs and Wolfpacks Petros Koumoutsakos
xx-Sep. 2014 Moritz Geilinger Computational Design of String Actuated Mechanisms



Bernhard Thamszewski,

Stellian Coros

Jan. - Oct. 2014 Guido Novati Bio-inspired locomotion of a rotating cylinder pair Wim van Rees
Mar. - Sep. 2014 Claudius Dietsche Flow mediated interaction between two self-propelled anguilliform swimmers

Babak Hejazialhosseini,

Wim van Rees

Apr. - Sep. 2014 Laurent Montigny Parallel learning for self-propelled swimmers Wim van Rees
Mar. - Sep. 2014 Fabian Blöchliger Investigation of cell spreading using the Subcellular Element Model Gerardo Tauriello
Feb. - Sep. 2014 Fabian Güra Parallelized stochastic reaction-diffusion simulations with GPGPU and multi-core CPU Jana Lipkova
Apr. - Sep. 2014 Li Shu Simulation of cloud cavitation collapse involving a solid particle Babak Hejazialhosseini
xx-Jun. 2014 Dominik Schlegel Zero-Effort Procrastination

Roger Wattenhofer,

Jochen Seidel,

Jara Uitto

Mar. - Jun. 2014 Lucas Giger Wall bubble interaction using OpenFoam Babak Hejazialhosseini
Dec. 2012 - Apr. 2014 Li Shu 2D Flow-Structure Interactions in Compressible Flows Christian Conti
Oct. 2013 - Mar. 2014 Fabian Wermelinger Optimizing a Compressible Navier-Stokes Solver on Hetergeneous Architectures Christian Conti
April 2013 - Mar. 2014 Estefani Carvalhais Jana Lipkova
Sep. 2013 - Feb. 2014 Sharan Jagathrakshakan Acceleration methods for compartment based stochastic simulations of reaction diffusion systems Jana Lipkova
April 2013 - Feb. 2014 Fabian Zeindler Parallel Stochastic Methods for Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification: Load Balancing on Heterogeneous Architectures Panos Chatzidoukas, Christian Conti
Nov. - Dec. 2013 Damianos Melidis Computer Science Lab Rotation Panos Angelikopoulos, Panos Chatzidoukas
July - Dec. 2013 Michael Wild Implementation of Dirichlet Boundary Conditions in Supersonic Flow Simulations using Characteristic-Based Volume Penalization Babak Hejazialhosseini
Sep. - Nov. 2013 Zahra Karimadini Lab rotation in computer science Panagiotis Angelikopoulos
Oct. 2011 - Oct. 2013 Siddhartha Siddhartha Image Analysis in Vascular Network of a mouse retina Jana Lipkova,
Gerardo Tauriello
Mar. - Oct. 2013 Jonas Zehnder 3D Fluid/Granular Flow Solvers on Heterogenous Platforms Panos Chatzidoukas,
Diego Rossinelli,
Dmitry Alexeev
Feb. - Aug. 2013 Simon Silvio Tödtl Vorticity Flux in Turbulent Channel Flows Petros Koumoutsakos
Oct. 2012 - April 2013 Oleksandr Ostrenko Flow Induced Maturation of Capillary Networks Gerardo Tauriello, Florian Milde
Sep. - Dec. 2012 Roger Rossé Spatial Stochastics Gerardo Tauriello
Oct. 2012 Gennaro Chirico Simulation of shock-induced collapse with application to cell membrane poration Babak Hejazialhosseini
Nov. 2011 - May 2012 Andrei Frunza High performance implementation of hydrodynamic interactions and applications with the sub-cellular element method Gerardo Tauriello
Feb. 2011 - May 2012 Damian Birchler Applying the MPM to solid mechanics Gerardo Tauriello
2011 Pascal Spörri Barnes-hut on the GPU Diego Rossinelli
2011 Martin Schmid MD simulation of water on the GPU Panagiotis Angelikopoulos
2011 Moritz Geilinger Non-conservative surface tension operator for multiphase compressible flows Babak Hejazialhosseini
2011 Tautrimas Pajarskas Building all-atom model of glycocalyx system Panagiotis Angelikopoulos, Eduardo Cruz-Chu


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