We develop computational tools for the study of complex scientific and engineering problems.
Research areas in our lab are in: Multiscale particle methods and derandomized optimization algorithms applied to areas of Life Sciences, Fluid Mechanics, Nanotechnology and their interfaces. We emphasize the parallel development of algorithms, software, hardware and applications while we consider indispensable the interactions with our collaborators.


Current research projects include :

Methods and Algorithms 

Life Sciences

  • Tumor induced Angiogenesis »»
  • Virus Traffic »»
  • Systems Biology of the Drosophila Wing »»
Fluid Mechanics
  • Vortex Dynamics »»
  • Bio-inspired Flying and Swimming »»
  • Compressible Multiphase Flows »»
  • Fullerenes in Liquids  »»
  • Nanoscale Heat Transfer  »»

Past Research